Muquish: An Innovative Hub for Exploration and Preservation of Kutch Textile Craft

Author: Vandana K
Site Location: Bhuj, Gujarat
Institute: School of Architecture, REVA University
Advisor: Ar. Neeraja Jayan


Kutch is the Largest district in India, which is well known for it’s rich cultural heritage, diverse communities and fine handicrafts. Inspite of having rich art and culture within the region due to several socio-economical reasons art especially textile art within this region have been on the verge of extinction.

There is a high need of another art resource center within the region because right now there is only one coherent body that works to provide a platform to acknowledge and revive dying art within kutch. So, there’s definitely a need and scope for another resource center within the region.

Muquish is a textile art resource center in Kutch that works up on the initative to preserve and uplift certain dying textile art forms and their art communities in Kutch. It mainly focuses on 4 textile art forms they are – Namda, Rogan art, Ajrakh block printing, Bela printing.

This as an architectural built form bridges the gap between two distinct design communities, they are the craftsmen and the designer. By seamlessly integrating traditional building techniques with modern functionality, the centre not only pays tribute to the rich architectural heritage of the region but also serves as a testament to the harmonious co-existence of human creativity and environmental responsibility.


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