Enviromental Awareness Centre

Author: Amruta Uday Yadav
Site Location: Mumbai
Institute: Vivekanand Education Society College of Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Prof. Anand Achari


The site is deonar dumping ground which is one of the largest the dumping ground. The vision of the project is to transform the dumping ground into an awareness centre along with the biodiversity park. The project would create awareness and sensitize people towards protecting the environment. Bioremediation and phytoremediation technique would be used in order to reduce the toxicity of the soil. The main concept is to create a connection between human ,nature and built environment. The spaces include enviro-art exhibition spaces which would sensitize people towards the environment. The built form is made using materials like Agrocrete blocks for walling, Ferrock for the structural system which are carbon negative materials which would cause minimum impact on the environment. Filler slab is used for the roofing with terracotta pots as a filler material and split bamboo reinforcement which reduces the amount of cement used and eliminates the use of steel in the slab. The spaces are daylit and naturally ventilated.


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