Rurban Residential School at Kesnand, Wagholi

Author: Pranav Khandve
Site Location: Wagholi, Pune
Institute: Dr D Y Patil School of Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Shubhada Chapekar


R-URBAN schools are innovative educational institutions that combine the principles of sustainability, urban agriculture, and community engagement. The term “RURBAN” stands for “rural-urban” and signifies the integration of rural and urban elements within these schools. R-URBAN schools aim to address the pressing challenges of urbanization and environmental degradation by promoting sustainable practices, fostering ecological awareness, and empowering communities. These schools go beyond traditional academic learning and adopt interdisciplinary and experiential approaches to education. They provide students with hands-on experiences in sustainable practices, such as organic farming, waste management, renewable energy, and water conservation. By engaging students in practical activities, R-URBAN schools encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and a deeper understanding of environmental and social issues. Community engagement is a central aspect of R-URBAN schools. They actively involve local communities, residents, and organizations in their initiatives. By collaborating with the community, R-URBAN schools promote shared responsibility, social cohesion, and sustainable development at the grassroots level. They serve as hubs for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and the empowerment of individuals and communities to create sustainable and resilient urban environments. R-URBAN schools are not just educational institutions; they are catalysts for positive change. By integrating sustainable practices, urban agriculture, and community engagement, these schools contribute to the development of environmentally conscious and socially responsible citizens who can actively participate in building sustainable urban communities. Through their innovative approaches and holistic vision, R-URBAN schools play a vital role in addressing the challenges of urbanization, fostering environmental stewardship, and promoting sustainable living in India and beyond.


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