Zaffron Park

Author: Annam Ishrat
Site Location: Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir
Institute: School of Architecture and Design – LPU
Advisor: Prof. Chetan Sachdeva


The Zaffron Park, an ambitious architectural thesis project located in Pampore, Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, draws its name “Zaffron” from the Urdu term for “Saffron.” It envisions a transformative approach to saffron cultivation using vertical and hydroponic farming techniques, aiming to revitalize the industry. This innovative complex will include a research center, interpretation center, recreational area, and residential facilities, fostering agricultural advancement, sustainable architecture, and tourism. Traditionally, saffron farming in Kashmir has followed conventional methods, but low yields during harvest have prompted interest in newer techniques like vertical farming and hydroponics. The proposed Zaffron Park, spanning 45.7 acres on government crop land, targets increased saffron yield through modern practices. Located in Pampore, renowned for its saffron quality, the site is well-connected by NH1 Highway to Pampore Railway Station (4KM) and Pampore Bus Stand (2.4KM). While the Jammu and Kashmir government is working to enhance saffron production, the innovative approach of vertical and hydroponic farming has yet to be formally considered. The Zaffron Park, with its multifunctional vision, aspires to empower local communities and contribute to the growth of saffron cultivation, making strides towards a more sustainable and productive future.


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