Affordable Housing – Reviving the Life of Lucknow through Inclusive Approach, a Response to Humanity

Author: Arti Yadav
Site Location: Lucknow
Institute: Faculty of Architecture – Integral University Lucknow
Advisor: Prof. Zeba Nisar


The design aims to create an integrated society with different nature of buildings within self-sustaining society to fulfil the basic necessities of people of economic weaker section, the design not only focuses on housing but it creates opportunity for the people of society to enhance their living standards by developing their skills and establish a good future for them and their coming generations. The proposed site is situated near Medanta Hospital, adjacent to Shahid Path, in Lucknow by (PMAY). The project’s central concept revolves around biophilic design, incorporating green vertical walls and graded terraces atop the buildings to enhance thermal comfort. Alternative green terrace gradings within the housing blocks further facilitate proper ventilation and comfort. Design interventions that harmonize with the surrounding context and cater to the specific needs of the community.
Sustainable Architecture also plays a major role in Incorporating eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and green technologies to minimize the environmental impact. The thesis underscores that innovative architectural designs and sustainable practices can collectively elevate the quality of affordable housing, contributing to an improved overall living experience.


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