Envisaging Built Environment Influencing Student’s Learning: A Case of School of Planning and Architecture, Pondicherry.

Author: Hinal Patel
Site Location: Pondicherry
Institute: SAL School of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Parth Lavti


The project intends to design the campus of School of Planning and Architecture, Pondicherry within the Pondicherry University by Re-thinking a campus that provides adequate living and learning environments.
The central idea lies in enhancing the learning environments by establishing a strong relation between space and place, energized from the rich cultural / natural heritage and rural landscape of Pondicherry.
The spatial organization of campus is into five zones: Academic, Central, residential, sports, and public having distinct identity and creating a sense of continuity and harmony, Incorporating biophilic design, participatory design, and smart systems.
The design contemplates diverse nature of spaces such as social and community spaces, flexibility of spaces, and functionality of spaces through network of pathways, courtyards, and green spaces, considering various aspects such as light, temperature, landscape, and sustainability that influence students’ learning.
The campus of the S.P.A, Pondicherry is envisaged to integrate form, function, climate, culture, and context. A place where architecture is not only taught but also practiced and celebrated.
So, the project envisions a campus that fosters creativity, collaboration, and culture that reflects the values and vision of architectural education and practice in the contemporary context.


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