Transit Oriented Development – A Mixed Development

Author: Shah Ronak Vipul Amita
Site Location: Bandra Kurla Complex, MMRDA Ground, Mumbai.
Institute: Aditya College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Rita Nayak


The thesis project emerges from the need for an urban environment that is oriented on the user, with the need for active and meaningful public places at the heart of this research. The key issues in responsible urban design have evolved as walkability, safety, and sustainability. Given the current rate and size of growth in Indian cities, there is an urgent need to incorporate features that favour the car over the pedestrian, as well as to favour mono-use buildings over eye-catching and dynamic mixed-use structures.

The character of a city’s public areas can be used to measure its success. However, based on observations of the cities we live in today, it can be stated that not all public places are effective – many variables influence how these areas work. Sensitive design is vital, but the ability of a good public space to adapt and profit on its constructed surrounds – its design and functions – is also important. The goal of the thesis is thus to investigate how architecture may contribute to the creation and maintenance of an active public realm supported by the built environment.

Aside from public engagement, the design dissertation promotes interaction inside the built environment. Because of the position in the IT industry, there is a lot of space allocated to offices, therefore it is necessary to analyse these areas plus keeping in mind the impact of multi transit hub at one area. To remain relevant in the wider urban environment, office spaces must react to current demands, which are based on flexibility and adaptability to encourage collaboration and creativity.


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