Toy museum and Lego world

Author: Juzer Ali Johar Ali
Site Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Institute: Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune
Advisor: Prof. Mukta Latkar Talwalkar


In modern times children are getting into mobile and iPad more, whereas to create space for kids to play and explore without gadgets. A place where kids and adults are engaged in activities, & play some games. Young children do not get enough opportunities to explore without interference or interruption. We need to correct that unfortunate trend, giving them space and materials to let their instincts as learners take over as they physically explore their world. It’s what they do naturally and unfortunately what is being inhibited with increasing frequency.

The museum aims to be a place to collect and present old and new toys in some creative and contemporary ways but still keep the unique traditional toys.

Moreover, this project is also designed to be the place where kids enjoy modern toys and the parents enjoy toys from their era and simultaneously to provide interactive areas for children as well as parents.

The purpose of Toy Museum is to present the design which helps create imagine and let the visitors relaxed. Additionally, the project also seeks to bring people together to talk and share ideas by showcasing a number of toys from different eras ranging from past to present. It is a city level museum, considering footfall of 500-600 people. Finally, the museum also predicts the future of toy industry.


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