Dexterity, Tactility – Ameliorate Workhshop for Potters

Author: Anusha V.
Site Location: Puducherry
Institute: C.A.R.E School of Achitecture
Advisor: Ar. Henya Stephi. S


The craft based communities in Tamil Nadu are losing its importance as a part of cultural heritage. This automatically becomes the cause for losing the art in few years. Hence by designing a catalyst of built form in the urban context will help to upfront the bridging of Rural into the Urban and can be a plane of medium where they can meet. Thus the built form can have the role of establishing the importance of these beautiful crafts that has been a skill gifted from generations to another generation which is something that cannot be replicated aswell into the fast pace urban livelihood.
After inquiring with the local artisans, one thing that came repeated was that they dont have enough space to build or keep a fire place or kilns to make their products because of this they are forced to outreach to very remote villages and get the products and resell them back in the urban neighbourhood. Even though they are skilled potters, the lack of space and right materials and source force them to become sellers instead of the creators.
Understanding the Spatial needs of certain crafts and its importance of material knowledge and trying to input the importance of dexterity into built form which can become an easier medium in a fast paced urban context to acknowledge it. Hence uplifting the community engagement between two different planes.


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