Beyond Design – Community Centre for Designers

Author: Yukathasri C.
Site Location: Bengaluru
Institute: CMRU School of Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Muralidhar. K


The architectural thesis proposes the design of a community center for designers by repurposing one of the abandoned NGEF factory buildings (Bengaluru).
The community center would be a hub that fosters creativity, collaboration and professional development of designers. It is to be a space for designers to connect, share ideas, develop skills and network.
The research is based on the understanding that designers need a setting that offers the requirements needed for creative expression, learning and professional development. These requirements are analysed through the assessments of live and literature case studies.
The design proposed is a flexible and adaptable space that accommodates a variety of design activities for different design fields.
The community center offers coworking spaces with collaborative workspaces, makerspaces outfitted with specialized tools and equipment, a resource library with access to design materials and an exhibition space to showcase the work of the designers. The facility also has areas where the designers can relax, socialise or recharge.
‘Beyond design’ strives to encourage designers by catering to their needs and supporting the community.


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