Sculpting the sky: Investigating the Expressive Form & Spatial Narratives of Mumbai’s Supertall Buildings

Author: Joseph Benny
Site Location: Mumbai
Institute: Wadiyar centre for Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Manoj Ladhad


The thesis explores the architectural significance and socio-cultural impact of an iconic free-flowing tower in Mumbai, India. The tower stands as a testament to the city’s evolving skyline and represents a bold departure from conventional design norms. With its distinctive curvilinear form, the tower captivates attention and raises questions about the relationship between architectural expression, functionality, and urban identity. Through a multidisciplinary approach, this research delves into the design principles, structural innovations, and spatial experiences associated with the free-flowing tower. It investigates the conceptualization and execution of the tower’s organic form, exploring the factors that influenced its creation and the challenges encountered during its realization.

Furthermore, the thesis analyzes the tower’s functional integration and programmatic versatility. It examines how the unconventional form of the tower has facilitated the creation of dynamic spaces that adapt to various uses, such as residential, commercial, and cultural. The study also investigates the tower’s impact on the surrounding urban fabric and its ability to foster social interactions, enhance livability, and contribute to the city’s identity as a global metropolis.


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