Attapadi Community Development Center

Author: Jerin J Panakkel
Site Location: Attapadi, Kerala
Institute: College of Architecture Trivandrum (CAT)
Advisor: Prof. Niby Thomas Varghese


At the time of the formation of Kerala State, Attappady was a healthy rich land. Then ninety percent of the population was Adivasis. Their self-sufficient subsistence economy, life support natural systems, as well as ecologically harmonious lifestyle, were destroyed in a very short time. Their cultural, as well as unique agricultural foundations, were destroyed and devalued. The tribal community itself has been undergoing drastic changes. The best way to resolve this issue is to create change in the community for all three generations at the same time. Pratheeksha Bhavan is trying to address the issue that the community faces in a 3 steeped manner consisting of all the 3 generations of people who are part of the community. The project tries to solve this issue in the community under the St Thomas ashram at Attapadi. The project consists of a kindergarten, High school, vocational training institute with bamboo training workshops, community center with a medical dispensary for tribal medicine and preparation. Education stands as the best way to address their issues, the right kind of education is needed to understand their cultural importance and also to understand, and experience modernity.


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