Telangana State Urban Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad

Author: Nitya Kapoor
Site Location: Hyderabad
Institute: School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (SPA-B)
Advisor: Dr Piyush Hajela


The Telangana Urban Centre of Excellence, proposed by the Government of Telangana, would act as an urban think tank and a research Centre to deal with urban challenges and house best practices. The intent is to set up an integrated development of mixed-use typology, in a sprawling campus of 45 acres, abutting Outer Ring Road. It would be conceived as a research Centre, to host prototype solutions for various urban issues, that celebrates and leverages the natural topography of the site. While the campus with all its facilities will be planned in 25 acres, the remaining extent of 20 acres would be kept as green space/walking track/golf/future requirements. These facilities include: Hub of Urban

Innovations, Conference and Convention Centre, U-Hub, Workstations, Research labs, Accommodation facilities, Residential facilities, Relaxation Hub, Service facilities and parking.

The proposed detailed design comprises of Workstations, Research Labs and U-Hub, integrated with the Central Green, Entrance Court, and built form for public facilities (Auditorium, Conference Block, Amphitheatre), and Service areas.


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