Changing patterns of Cooperability

Author: Yadnesh Jeevan Pitale
Site Location: Manori, Mumbai
Institute: Smt. K. L. Tiwari college of Architecture
Advisor: Prof Manoj Parelkar


Co-operation is an act of an individual that makes him/her part of a group or community. This act of co-operation varies with the context and activities. This scale of Cooperation can also vary.
Koli community is one of such Community who cooperates among each other developing complex network of Solidarity. This network further results into unique culture and tradition. Going ahead with this community identity many Koliwadas set up cooperatives in their own villages to facilitate fishing.
The community which having inherent cooperation culture is an ideal ease to run such co-operatives society to help each member of community. But interestingly in Versova Koliwada where such cooperatives significantly work, co-operation among its members and that community is seem to be reducing. The spatial configuration that flourishes communal relationship is seem to be diminishing with ‘progress’ of co-operative society.
Hence, the inference collected study of Versova Koliwada was critically analyzed and applied to the Manori Koliwada where co-operation among Kolis still exist and flourishing through traditional pattern in fishing, in order with case of Versova should not be repeated.


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