Introspection Forest

Author: Utkarsh Arun Jagtap
Site Location: Satara, Maharashtra
Institute: CTES College of Architecture
Advisor: Kirti Desai


There are two sections to the project: introspective programs and residential spaces. The section on introspection is designed to help the user connect with their inner self.
The property is 32 acres in size. The goal is for users to explore the site as they explore a part of themselves.
The light pavilion, reflection cube, introspection cave, bamboo forest, and unbuilt are all part of the Introspection program, and they all incorporate the five elements of nature.
Residential units are classified into three types: single occupancy, double occupancy, and dormitories.
Site preservation, wind direction, afforestation, retaining/maintaining ground water table, and greenhouse effect reduction have all been effectively addressed.


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