Tribal Museum and Reseach Centre – Nagpur

Author: Jayesh Dinesh Kumar Lunawat
Site Location: Nagpur
Institute: University Institute of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Shruti Sidhu


Within this endeavour, an interactive museum is unveiled—a manifestation of architectural consciousness rooted in climate sensitivity, mirroring India’s commitment to honouring its native cultural motifs. These enduring motifs, shaped through epochs, now stand on the precipice of oblivion or have been enshrouded by the sands of time. This museum emerges as an emblem not only of cultural safeguarding but also of design in harmony with sustainability, firmly underlining the urgency of countering climate change through astute architectural interventions.
In alignment with the ethos of the “Make in India” initiative, this museum serves as a window into the realm of natural creations, encompassing eco-friendly cosmetics, herbal panaceas, eco-conscious utensils, and organic textiles. Enlivened by the essence of modern vernacular techniques, its architectural form harmoniously embraces the exacting standards of global museum curation, spotlighting the exhibited artifacts and their anthropological significance, while simultaneously casting light upon their intricate ecological context.
Termed as ‘living museums,’ tribal enclaves hold the key to the renaissance of vanishing traditions. The embodiment of this concept thrives within the folds of the Tribal Museum—a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to nurturing its primal cultural sagas. This institution stands as an intersection, where the tapestry of cultural heritage converges seamlessly with the mantle of environmental stewardship, firmly accentuating the imperative of melding these twin narratives in our unceasing pursuit to celebrate and shield the bountiful legacy that India inherits.


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