Reimagining the Foreshore Estate as a Social Infrastructure

Author: Vaishnavie Ravi
Site Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Institute: MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai
Advisor: Ar. A. D. Devaanand


WATER AND LAND EDGE, is a dialogue between oppositional environs, or simply the feeling of being against a great precipice constantly in motion, that brings a magical attraction to waterfronts.
The fishing Communities across India are fighting to protect lands as SEA LEVEL RISES, and the risk of future developments by the government at the coast, putting the fishermen’s livelihood at stake. The Marine ecosystems are compromised for the sake of land expansion.

The site, Foreshore estate is a neighborhood in Chennai, India. It is situated along the southern stretch of Marina Beach. It is located by the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Adyar Creek on the other.
The government is anticipating the estate to be a tourist attraction essentially becoming an economic source but this is often at the expense of the fishermen ls community.

Development and Progress can’t be traded-off at the expense of the authentic settlements of the place.
This thesis is mainstreamed on the redevelopment and the revamping of coastlines without revoking their communities. An idea of bridging that might sustain the locals and also heave in visitors who want to explore the city’s rich heritage. It also engages in the social, economic, and infrastructural compositions to ultimately bridge the gaps in the social context.

The intention of the Social infrastructure is to create a community gaining set out, rather than just being an economic source. This forum will work as a point of convergence for a vast spectrum of people and at the same time fortify the existing coastal domains. A prototype landscape which enriches the visitor experience , forging stewards of the resilient ecological systems where land meets water.


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