Architecture with Uncertainty & Certainty : Change in wetness

Author: Jacob Babu Alappatt
Site Location: Alappuzha, Kerala
Institute: Avani Institute of design
Advisor: Ar. Aditya Nambissan


The project tries to reimagine a tropical monsoon architecture of a water landscape (wetlands) by providing the community with the infrastructure it needs and fostering a conversation between land and water to assist people in better adhering and adapting to change.

Are tropical architectural forms bound to evolve or adapt to the shift in wetness, considering architectural uncertainties and certainties related to the change in wetness? How can we develop structures that can assure a safer future by making them impervious to rain and flood?

Architectural design should change to accommodate the needs of the site and the environment by supporting duality in programming. It should be able to adjust to the transient states of the water landscape centered around the demands of the destroyed or missing public. So, the research and study must be located in a region where changing wetness conditions might cause natural disasters that can impact people’s lives and livelihoods. Here the Wetlands in Kuttanad are taken as a broader context, and Kainakary village is the micro context.


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