2023 Fellowship

The Charles Correa Foundation (CCF) announces the 2023-2024 cycle of the Research Fellowship, a residency program based in Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa.

Apply by 5 June 2023 for a year-long position opening July 2023 with the following qualifications:

☐ Professional degree in Architecture.
☐ Proficiency in using the following software – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad + SketchUp.
☐ Academic Architectural Portfolio.
☐ Essay – 500 words (max). Prompt: Of the many issues that Charles Correa engaged with in his career, write about one that speaks to your interests the most, and why?
☐ Writing sample – from an earlier academic paper.

During the Fellowship, you will be required to:
☐ Assist in preparation of project proposals, surveys and documentation, mapping and analysis, graphics, essays and presentations related to the research project, including coordination with agencies (government or private) for permissions, status, fees, etc.
☐ Assist in work related to acquiring funding for projects or events related to the activities of the Foundation such as preparation of dockets, posters, invitations, etc.
☐ Work on the documentation of drawings and photographs of Charles Correa’s built and unbuilt projects, sketches and essays.
☐ Organise and work on outreach programs of the Foundation through publications, conferences, exhibitions and workshops.
☐ Work on writing up about concerns and issues related to architecture and urbanism, and represent them through essays, blogs, etc.
☐ Assist in creatively designing and scheduling of the events related to the activities of the Foundation.
☐ Make presentations on the Charles Correa Archives, on his philosophy and works, to keen visitors coming to the Foundation, ranging from travelers, student groups and professionals.

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of ₹20,000/- as well as rent-free accommodation in an apartment leased by the Foundation.

Send in your application to apply@charlescorreafoundation.org with the subject “Application for June 2023 Fellowship” with the necessary attachments.

41 thoughts on “2023 Fellowship

  1. Are students who will be graduating by June 2022 eligible to apply?

  2. Can a student of Masters graduated in 2019 apply for the above position?

  3. Please let me know the following:
    By when can the applicants expect to receive a reply regarding the selection?
    Also, will all the applicants be notified regardless of their selection?

  4. Should the portfolio only include academic works? Is it allowed to include professional work in it? I have the same query regarding the writing sample too.

  5. Dear Shreya,
    Your portfolio can include any work that you have done previously, it does not need to be limited to academic work. The same goes for your writing sample.

  6. When will the names of selected candidates be announced?

  7. Would we be getting any acknowledgement email regarding our entry? So as to know it did reach you.

  8. Would we be getting any acknowledgement email in regards to our entry? So as to know it did reach you.

  9. On prior to my device’s sudden problem, I couldn’t submit the necessary attachments in time. Would you kindly let me know whether you received the entry or not.

  10. Hello,
    I am a final year masters student. I will finish my Masters in May 2023. When will the fellowship begin? If it is after May , I will apply for the position.

  11. Hello, I am a final year Masters student and will finish my course in May 2023. When will the fellowship begin? If it is after May, I can apply.

  12. Hello, You have mentioned (Writing sample – from an earlier academic paper). So what exactly are the requirements to submit this?

  13. Hello! How will I be notified further if I’m selected for the fellowship or not ?

  14. I have a query regarding the application. Would you be kind enough to give information regarding the results of the application?
    1.When applicant should expect the result of the selection.
    2.Will you also be informing the results to the non-selected applicant?
    I’ll be thankful if you help answer my query.

  15. Hello,
    how many fellows will be taken every year and if possible can you explain the selection criteria for fellow to be eligible?

  16. Can students, who are graduating in 2023 apply?

  17. Can students, who are graduating in 2023 apply for fellowship program 2023 ? If so what is the last date for submission.Please let me know .Thanks in advance

  18. Hello ,
    When can we expect the response to the applications.
    Thanks in advance

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