From Hazard To Harmony: Cherishing Climate change beyond resiliency – a case of Mumbai city

Author: Kishan Kumar Jayantilal Prajapati
Site Location: 500 m West side away from Mumbai city in Arabian Sea
Institute: D.C. Patel School of Architecture
Advisor: Harsh Sharma


The Major intention of this project is not just to create a resilient habitat for environmental change but also which cherishes climate change. This is an attempt to make a symbiotic relationship between humanity and Aquatic Reservoirs understanding Global Environmental Issues and the Complexion of Future Habitats.

Humanity has learned to live with elements of nature but mankind has lacked the development of inhabited spaces on water. So far we are avoiding water rather than embracing the challenges of water with its properties and characteristics. Hence a solution to a Human Habitat can be able to float and adapt to water properties.

The current habitat is a result of years of evolution and the habitat of the future would also be years of evolution, Possible Parameters triggering evolution could be Robust Transportation, Digital Communication and Artificial Intelligence, less dependency upon physical infrastructure, and more productive and green belts ensuring local food ecology and high nutrition system providing a healthy lifestyle to an individual. This habitat follows Equitable Approach and culmination of technology, environmental sensitivity, and human emotional traits, Improving standards for wealthier being along with a simple, healthier, and productive environment, An Individual gets sufficient opportunities in an Ideal environment.


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