Design of a mixed-use sustainable tower in Mumbai

Author: Kurada Sharmila Dharani
Site Location: Mumbai
Institute: Department of Planning and Architecture NIT Rourkela
Advisor: Dr. Basudatta Sarkar


The most concerning problem in the fastest growing cities around the world is the increase in population with no adequate infrastructure. All the fastest-growing cities are the synonyms of pollution, exploitation of natural resources, etc these days. So, the challenge here is to fit the urban population within the limits of the cities and to develop their neighbourhood as a whole to give them a sustainable life where there is no exploitation of natural resources and pollution, rise in temperature, climatic change, but paves their and the world’s way ahead in terms of green practices. The design – Mixed-Use Sustainable Tower at Mumbai, achieved LEED Platinum rating following the sustainable credits as required under the diverse categories. The project also provides free energy for the resident’s lifetime through the usage of renewable energy techniques and systems. The project sets an example of sustainability and its ability to transform the neighbourhood and the environment as a whole.


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