The Space Syntax to Co-Creation,Collaboration & Cross-Disciplinary Approaches : C-Cube Design & Technology Innovation Hub.

Author: Keerthikashree M
Site Location: Chennai
Institute: BMS College of Architecture, Bengaluru
Advisor: Ar Shanthala V


INNOVATOPOLIS is a Hybrid Ecosystem that stimulates Co-Creation, Collaboration & Cross-Disciplinary approaches to nurture research, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a Design & technology Innovation hub, in a tier 1 city which will act as a connector, providing an intellectually challenging environment for professionals, academia from multiple disciplines and the public.

The architecture of this typology is collaborative, flexible, adaptable, and reconfigurable. It will help, support, and streamline the development of design, products & the growth of young professionals in bringing new ideas & solutions into reality. The key design aspects of this project was spatial integration and segregation of spaces, configurations for the built environment based on activity patterns of users, flexibility and reconfigurability, integration of built with nature.

As the project sits in the hot climatic conditions, Passive cooling systems, cross ventilation, sun shading devices, solar income, rain water harvesting etc are used and the skin of the building is designed to battle the harsh climate. Vegetation and Landscaping plays a major role in achieving comfortable open and semi open spaces. Terracotta, a traditional and local material has been used predominantly for facade & roofing, for a sustainable built environment.


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