2022 Research Coordinator

Apply by 28 February 2022 for a permanent position starting in March 2022 with the following qualifications and skills:

☐ Professional degree in Architecture or Planning, minimum 3 years work experience.
☐ Proficiency in using the following software – InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD + SketchUp.
☐ Familiarity with accounting and estimates, understanding of WordPress and social media platforms.
☐ Ability to delegate work and manage the day to day activities of the Foundation.
☐ Portfolio of work (include academic and professional work) maximum 10 pages.
☐ Writing sample, from an earlier academic paper / journal publication.
☐ Essay – 1000 words (maximum) Prompt is as follows,
Research, analyse and draw parallels between the three built projects by Charles Correa, namely,
a. Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad (1959-66)
b. Kanchanjunga Apartments, Mumbai (1970-83)
c. Visvesvaraya Centre, Bangalore (1974-80)

As a Research Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to:
☐ Demonstrate leadership in team-building and represent the organisation to the outside world.
☐ Guide and support the Research Fellows in incubating research or projects around the improvement of our natural and built habitat.
☐ Present Charles Correa’s archives, his philosophy, and work, to student groups, and professionals visiting the Foundation.
☐ Lead the documentation of drawings and photographs of Charles Correa’s built and unbuilt projects, sketches and essays.
☐ Co-ordinate with relevant partners to publish on Charles Correa’s philosophy and work, as well as Foundation projects and research
☐ Organise national and international events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and conferences which discuss the Charles Correa archives and ideas for improving the urban realm.
☐ Write about concerns and issues related to architecture and urbanism, represent them through the CCF blog, newsletter, etc.

Send in your application to apply@charlescorreafoundation.org with the subject “Application for Research Coordinator” with the necessary attachments and a cover note.