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sanjiv shah

Sanjiv Shah is a film editor, producer, and filmmaker engaged largely with documentaries dealing with social issues, and exploring forms of film. As a part of the exhibition The State of Housing (2018) in Mumbai, he directed a video looking at the housing crisis in India over the last 70 years.

bina paul

Bina Paul works mainly in Malayalam-language films. She has over fifty editing credits and has directed four documentaries. Her first editing work was in 1985 on Aravindan’s documentary The Seer Who Walks Alone and her first feature film work was on Abraham’s Amma Ariyan in 1986. Paul won her first National Film Award for Revathi’s Mitr, My Friend, which had an all-woman crew.

Avijit Mukul Kishore

Avijit Mukul Kishore is a filmmaker and cinematographer, working in documentary and interdisciplinary moving image practices. He’s involved in cinema pedagogy as a lecturer and curates film programmes for prominent national cultural institutions.

Rajula Shah

Rajula is a Poet, Filmmaker & Visual Artist. Her practice emerges through close collaboration with people,
their histories & environments exploring boundaries of fiction/non-fiction through New Media. Developing new strategies for the study & practice of Cinema in changing contexts is a concern with her.

Tarun Bhartiya

Tarun is a political activist, documentary imagemaker and Hindi poet from Shillong.

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