2021 Web Developer

We’re looking for a full-stack web developer to help us revamp and update
The Charles Correa Archives website.

The main scope of work would involve:

  • Our website was coded in ASPX, it needs to be updated to a more modern language. 
  • Getting an SSL certificate for the website, and additional improved security measures. 
  • Oversight of storage transfer between cloud services.
  • Visual/graphic changes that we wish to add on our updated website. 
  • System to capture traffic and insight analytics of the users on our website.

It is of utmost importance that all our content can only be viewed on a computer, but not downloaded or saved locally by our users. Screenshots are fine, but no high resolution downloads of our content. 

Interested candidates can apply at connect@charlescorreafoundation.org with a portfolio or website of previous work along with a work plan and quotation.

Our Archives contain certain key features that we’d like to preserve, but make more functional and interactive. 


The website homepage has a timeline showing all of Correa’s projects. This needs to be an interactive page that shows you a highlight of the project (image and project name) when you hover your cursor over it. Once you click on it, it needs to take you to the project page.

We need the timeline to be easy to use and be able to conveniently add more content as and when required. 


Currently we have a vast collection of papers, seminars etc. that are manually added to each project.

Needs to be redesigned to be more interactive and appealing. We need to be able to tag/mark a single essay under multiple projects and have that update be visible on the project’s page


Data up to this point must be visible to all, but the content inside it must not be accessible without signing-in.
This would act as a preview to the scope of work present within the website.

Projects – Pictures and drawings

Need to be redesigned to be more interactive and appealing.

Current zoom function is chunky and not very user friendly. Our and drawings images need to able be seen clearly with enabled scroll and zoom functions using the mouse scroll.

Inside Bruegel’s website (https://www.insidebruegel.net/) is a wonderful reference. We really like their interface, though ours can be a more simpler version.