Z-axis 2020: Competition

Competition Brief



Q1. When is the deadline for the submission of the entries to the Z-Axis 2020 : You and Your Neighbourhood Design Competition?

1 December 2020, 12:00 Noon Indian Standard Time

Q2. What are the awards for the winners of Z-Axis 2020: You and Your Neighbourhood Design Competition?

One project will be awarded the Z-axis jury award for their extraordinary vision to develop their neighbourhoods. The award will be accompanied by a cash prize of  ₹ 1,00,000 /-

For each of the four thresholds, an award worth ₹ 75,000 will be conferred to the winning entry. Up to two more innovative and tactical entries (in each threshold) are eligible for a special mention. Additionally, CCF may also incubate promising entries.

All winning entries will be displayed on the official website of the Charles Correa Foundation and social media handles along with the winning team. 

Q3. How do we submit our entries for the design competition?

Entries have to be submitted via e-mail to zaxis@charlescorreafoundation.org with the subject “z-axis submission: <your entry ID>”  

(Please substitute the <..> portion for your respective competition ID that has been shared with you already. For our convenience it is advisable that the mail comes through the “team leader’s email”) 

Q4. What are the modes of submissions? What would the size of the sheet be? 

The submission comprises 4 sheets (A3 size) and one short video (max length of 2 minutes). 

We request participants to restrict the cumulative size of the sheets to 15MB. And the video to 10MB (The video may also be uploaded to youtube etc. if the team wishes.)

A sheet template is provided on our website at the following link https://charlescorreafoundation.org/2020/09/22/z-axis-2020-competition/ 


Q5. What is the scale to present our drawings at?

We have identified and recommended scales on the sheet template. If representation of your intervention requires you to use different scales, you are free to do so. 

Q6. Do we have to strictly follow the sheet template?

The sheet template has been prepared to enable consistency during the jury. Teams are free to change the sheet layouts in order to represent their projects, but it is recommended that the template be maintained. Further, all requirements listed in the template must be addressed. 

Q7.  Where do the participants need to use their team’s unique ID?

The competition ID given to the team at the time of registration will need to be clearly displayed on all sheets and in the video. It must also be stated when raising queries.

Q8. What do we include in the video? Is it mandatory?

The video can encapsulate your implementation and engagement with the neighbourhood and community. It can focus on the role played by the participants as an agent of change.

The video is mandatory.

Q9.  In the sheet template, what does image mapping mean? (under the head site study) 

Images, graphics and/or maps to support site study.


Q10. Will participants receive certificates for participation in the competition?

Yes, registered participants who submit an entry by 01 December 2020 will receive a participation certificate.

Q11. Is there any particular criteria for the site selection? 

We recommend you take up a neighbourhood that you are familiar with, and which offers potential to implement your ideas. 

Q12. Can we take up a neighbourhood for intervention that we do not reside in?

You may, but we request you to be safe and conscious of public health protocols while doing so. Please respect all government mandated restrictions in your area. 

Q13. How important is implementation of the project. 

Through our lecture series and podcasts we tried to get individuals who have implemented change. The jury will appreciate implementation, or some sort of pilot / prototype — however we understand the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we will accept ideas, provided there is a clear strategy on how the participants intend to implement their projects in the future.

Q14. Are the teams allowed to share their work for the competition before the winners are announced by CCF?

If you are planning to implement your project, you may have to create public awareness and therefore we are not restricting any participant from sharing the work done as a part of the You and Your Neighbourhood competition, even before the winners are announced.

Q15. What should be the size of the neighbourhood chosen? Should there be a  predominant land-use/character?

The size of the neighbourhood depends on the scale of threshold chosen by you, it might be useful to revisit some of the lectures to better situate the scale of your proposal. We do not require the intervention to be in an area with any particular dominant land use or character.

Q16. Where are the recordings of the z-axis sessions? Where are the podcasts?

You may watch the recorded lectures on our YouTube channel “Z-Axis” Please subscribe to it!

The podcasts are available on our Soundcloud and Spotify channels.


Click on the photos to read about our Jury.


  • Each entry must attempt to resolve only one distinct scale of threshold.
  • Final submissions must be formatted in the given template.

Download the sheet template from here:

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