At present we are not hiring any interns at the Charles Correa Foundation.

Apply by 28 February 2022 with the following qualifications and skills:

☐ A student currently pursuing a degree in architecture (graduates may also apply). 
☐ Proficiency in using the following software – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad + SketchUp.
☐ Academic Architectural Portfolio including CV (maximum of 12 pages).
☐ Essay – 500 words (max). Prompt: What do you understand of the work done by CCF? How do you see yourself contributing to it?
☐ If the applicant is a student. Submit a letter from the institution, acknowledging that, given the nature of work at CCF, the student may not be guaranteed on-site construction exposure & experience.
☐ Preferably a resident of Goa.

As an Intern, you will have the opportunity to:
☐ Support the Research Fellows in incubating research or projects around the improvement of our natural and built habitat.
☐ Work on the documentation of drawings and photographs of Charles Correa’s built and unbuilt projects, sketches and essays.
☐ Assist the Research Fellows on publications and writing on Charles Correa’s philosophy and work, as well as Foundation projects and research.
☐ Contribute to the organisation and management of national and international events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and conferences which discuss the Charles Correa archives and ideas for improving the urban realm.
☐ Write about concerns and issues related to architecture and urbanism, represent them through the CCF blog, newsletter, etc. 

Send in your application to with the subject “Application for Internship” with the necessary attachments and a cover note.