Charles Correa Memorial Event 2021

An online event in memory of our founder, late Indian architect and urbanist Charles Correa. The event will consist of the award ceremony for the Charles Correa Gold Medal and the international release of Rahul Mehrotra’s new book ‘The Kinetic City and Other Essays’.


3 September 2021


6:00 to 7:45pm

Watch the event here.

Book Release ‘The Kinetic City & Other Essays’

The event will feature a book launch by Cristina Steingräber, CEO of ArchiTangle, and publisher. This will be followed by a walk through of the book by Rahul Mehrotra, and a panel discussion with Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote, Kaiwan Mehta and Rajesh Vora.

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The book ‘The Kinetic City & Other Essays’ presents Rahul Mehrotra’s writings over the last thirty years and illustrates his long-term engagement with, and analysis of, urbanism in India. This work has given rise to a new conceptualization of the city. Mehrotra calls it the Kinetic City, which is the counterpoint to the Static City, as familiar to most of us from conventional city maps. He argues that the city should instead be perceived, read, and mapped in terms of patterns of occupation and associative values attributed to space. The framework is established by Mehrotra’s anchor essay, which draws out its potential to “allow a better understanding of the blurred lines of contemporary urbanism and the changing roles of people and spaces in urban society.”

The book is divided into three parts. The anchor essay, “Negotiating the Static and Kinetic Cities,” and other contributions (twenty-one in total) make up the main section. A second book within the book is dedicated to an expansive complimentary photo essay by the photographer Rajesh Vora, illustrating the key themes of transaction, instability, spectacle, and habitation. The last section presents an illustrated bibliography of Rahul Mehrotra’s wide range of research and writings.

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Charles Correa Gold Medal: Award Ceremony

The event will also feature presentation and an announcement of the winner of the Charles Correa Gold Medal 2021.

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The Charles Correa Gold Medal is a national award to recognize quality and talent among young students of architecture who address issues of the urban realm through their undergraduate thesis. 38 of the best schools of architecture in India participated in this edition of the medal. One student will be awarded the prestigious Charles Correa Gold Medal. Additionally, two students will be awarded with an honorable mention.

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City on reel

The Charles Correa Foundation with the support of Mumbai-based ATE Chandra Foundation is organising Nagari, a short film contest themed around adequate housing in urban India.
Different housing typologies can be observed in Mumbai.
Photo: Hardik Joshi via Unsplash

By Christine Machado | NT BUZZ

According to the Ministry of Housing, Government of India, over 17 per cent of urban India lives in settlements with inadequate amenities and without access to essential services. Over three million urban dwellers are homeless and unable to afford even the most basic housing.

In order to highlight this issue and offer up possible solutions, The Charles Correa Foundation with the support of the Mumbai-based charitable trust ATE Chandra Foundation has conceptualised a short film contest titled ‘Nagari’. Themed around addressing the question ‘How could one tell the story of housing adequacy in urban India?’

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A new script for cities

The Charles Correa Foundation is organising a short film festival focusing on adequate urban housing to help generate ideas that can be used to reconfigure cities for the benefit of its residents.
The film festival will generate ideas which could then be used to better the living conditions of cities in India.
Photo: Rajesh Vora

By Ajit John (

The cities of India are seething with problems. From its design to pollution to its traffic congestion that seems to be growing by the day. The same holds true for Goa too. Complaints have risen from the residents of Panjim and other parts about traffic congestion, increase in garbage and the construction that continues without restraint. The Charles Correa Foundation has for the very first time launched the Nagari Film Competition. It will be an annual competition designed to guide and develop films that focus on urban issues, specific to Indian cities. 

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