Charles Correa Gold Medal 2022


This year the Charles Correa Gold Medal will focus on thesis projects that address climate concerns through architecture design.

Charles Correa coined the phrase ‘Form Follows Climate’ and often said “to build in India is to respond to climate”.

The Jury will evaluate entries that consider the site and climatic context of the proposed project, ones that are clearly formulated within the framework of ‘Form Follows Climate’. We will be looking for clear concepts and the quality of the execution of the idea will be considered.

Registration process:

  • Colleges willing to participate for the Charles Correa Gold Medal 2022 must email for the registration form.
  • The form must be filled and signed by the Head of Institution along with the official seal and should reach the Charles Correa Foundation by post on/before the submission deadline, Wednesday, 15 June 2022.
  • Mailing address for submission of the registration form is ‘Charles Correa Foundation, 169, St. Sebastian Chapel Road, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa – 403001’.
  • After registration, CCF will send the confirmation for registration, Unique ID code and submission template via email.

Submission Guidelines

  • An Unique ID code will be provided by the Charles Correa Foundation (CCF).
  • Applicants must use the Unique ID code as the file name during submission of the deliverables and in all correspondence for Charles Correa Gold Medal 2022.
  • The final submission cannot display the name or any symbol, motto or distinguishing mark of the student or participating institute in any shape or form. The entry must clearly depict the Unique ID code. Failure to comply with the above steps will lead to an automatic rejection of the entry.
  • Deadline for submission of all listed deliverables, is – 12 noon on Friday, 15 July 2022.
  • Submission of the entry is also an acceptance, on behalf of the student, of the terms and conditions laid down by CCF for the Charles Correa Gold Medal 2022. Participants are advised to retain copies of the material submitted.
  • CCF reserves the right to amend the competition terms and conditions, including the date of submission, without notice due in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. The participant is bound to comply with the same. The terms and conditions will be updated on the CCF website.
  • The decision of the Jury will be final and binding.


CCF is looking for a multi-disciplinary approach in the submission and such entries will have an edge along with the quality of submission.

Submissions are expected in a maximum of 6 presentation boards (A3 sized) in digital format (PDF). Hand rendered as well as digital medium is allowed. The font size must be as specified in the submission template. If abstractions are used in developing the design they are expected to be laid clearly in the presentation, with the help of visual medium. A video may be submitted to provide verbal information lacking in the presentation boards.

All obligatory items as listed below must be combined in a folder named, “submission_UniqueID_CorreaGM22”. For example if your Unique ID code is G94, the folder name will be “submission_G94_CorreaGM22”. The combined folder must be attached via the WeTransfer software ( and the link to download the files to be sent to the email with the subject: “submission_UniqueID_CorreaGM22”.

Following are the obligatory items that need to be submitted as an entry:

  • Maximum of Six A3 Presentation Boards in digital format (.PDF)
    These six (6) A3 sized (420 x 297 mm) presentation boards must be formatted in landscape orientation. The resolution of the boards must be 300dpi in CMYK mode. The presentation boards must be combined into a single PDF document. The document must be named: “submission_uniqueID_CorreaGM22”
  • One Video Clip in digital format (.MP4)
    One video with maximum duration of 2 minutes, which can include a conceptual explanation of the project, voiceover to explain research, critical spaces, walkthroughs, etc. The videos may be used for digital publications, social media outreach and maintained in CCF’s records. The video must be sent as an MP4 file in the WeTransfer link.
  • Project Icon, Description and Location Pin (.JPEG & .DOCX / .PDF)
    For publishing on the Charles Correa Gold Medal Storehouse. The requirements include:
  1. A project icon, (which can be a drawing, rendered view, conceptual diagram etc.) of 1920×1080 (16:9) resolution in JPEG format.
  2. A project description of 150-200 words in a word doc file (.DOCX / .PDF). 
  3. Site location pin, i.e. coordinates taken from Google Earth/Maps.
    (Example: 18°55’20.1″N 72°50’03.3″E) The location pin can be added along with the project description in the same word document / .pdf file.


The participating college and student shall be the sole and exclusive owner of the copyrights to the project submitted. However, CCF will have the right to edit and publish the projects received, in print and digital format for the purpose of records, academic interest, awareness initiatives and promotion of future editions of the Charles Correa Gold Medal and the Charles Correa Gold Medal Storehouse.


  • The applicant college of architecture must be located in India and approved by the Council of Architecture (COA).
  • Each entry must be an architectural design thesis project of a bonafide student of the applicant college of architecture. The student must be the sole author of the project. Group work is not permitted.
  • The chosen site should be located in India and should address real-life contemporary issues pertaining to the current theme of the competition.
  • The applicant college may send only one entry, and the entry must be the thesis project of a student from the graduating class of the academic year 2021-22.
  • Each entry must be submitted by the Head of Institution, with the consent of the student.

Timeline for reference

  • Registration Deadline – 15 June 2022

  • Submission Deadline – 15 July 2022

  • Winner Announcement – First Week of September

Charles Correa Gold Medal Storehouse

The ‘Storehouse’ is a digital repository of undergraduate architectural thesis projects that were received as a part of the Charles Correa Gold Medal. The storehouse intends to be a compilation of curated academic projects from across India, that gets updated annually after the Gold Medal Awards hosted by the Charles Correa Foundation.

Click on the image to visit the Charles Correa Gold Medal Storehouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which academic year students are eligible for participating in the competition?

Only students from the academic year 2021-22 (graduating in 2022) are eligible for participating in the competition.

Q. Can M.arch students also participate?

The competition is only open for students of bachelors of architecture.

Q. How many students can participate from one college?

Every participating college has to shortlist and finalise one student whose registration will be submitted to the Charles Correa Foundation.

Q. I am a student and want to register myself for the competition. What should I do?

A student cannot register themselves as the Gold Medal is a competition amongst architecture colleges. The first stage of the award starts within the participating schools of architecture. The school will identify one student from among its graduating class and nominate their work for the Gold Medal.

Please feel free to ask any queries in the comments below.