Shortlisted Entries

An Omnipresent Landfill

Compelling documentary film that sheds light on the pressing issue of a dumpyard causing significant problems for its neighbouring communities. This thought-provoking documentary aims to raise awareness by following through (a family living near the dumpyard) about the detrimental consequences of improper waste management and the urgent need for effective solutions.

हेचि दान देगा देवा । तुझा विसर न व्हावा

God will grant us everything but we shouldn’t forget him

India’s Ganesh Chaturthi, a popular festival in Mumbai, has evolved into a commercial event, causing an increase in waste generated during the 10 days. This includes Plaster of Paris (P.O.P), florals, thermocols, and chemical colours. The festival has led to concerns about the environment and the use of P.O.P over Shadu Mati, which is harmful to the environment and humans. A marine biologist explains the impact of these materials on marine life and the Koliwadas community, who depend on marine life.

River of Concrete

The film traces the life of concrete waste that emerges from demolishing sites in Bhopal. The contractors give away many reusable materials for cheap to those in need, or to the 2nd hand shops in the old city where they can be purchased. The municipal corporation then picks the unusable leftovers to be processed in a plant some 15 Kms away from the city.

Where will the Landfill go?

The film is a real-time account of clearing the Okhla landfill first as a distant observer and then also putting the people and stories of the space at the center. The film also tries to humanize the space and what it means and takes to clear out the space that has become the epitome of everyday life in the City.

An Odyssey

Amidst Shergaon’s scenic beauty in Arunachal Pradesh, Ledo Thungon, an ordinary man and his community confront the waste surge from tourism. Despite officials’ indifference, he brought together everyone to tackle waste management. This film captures their journey to safeguard Shergaon’s innate environment from the encroaching waste threat, acting pre-emptively to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.

Vidi Veni Vici

As the city of Guwahati grows in size and population, three young artists explore the subject of urban waste through their individual art forms to create awareness among the public. 

Whisper of the Black Hill

This film is about a modern day threat which has been created by our human civilization. The story
revolves around a nine year old student from a marginal background who attends an unique school that
accepts plastic as fees and teaches recycling. One fine day, the child encounters an unusual event which
raises his concern about his own beings and cherished surroundings.


This film is an observational exploration of informal collection and recycling of e -waste in Kolkata, a growing hub for toxic wastes. The film presents both the microscopic view of the immediate health hazards and the macroscopic picture of the long term impact on the global climate crisis. 


In the midst of a decaying landfill community in Deonar, 14-year-old Sarfaraz dreams of education and becoming a photographer. His pursuit of a brighter future unveils the community’s struggle to break free from scavenging, highlighting the overlooked challenges of waste mismanagement and prevalent airborne diseases in the dumping area.

Museum of Large objects

The film looks at waste in the form of large concrete structures that we find around us, either unused or in various states of abandonment. Often deceptively arresting to look at, the film questions whether or not this can be considered as waste. In examining its causes and possible repercussions, the film wishes to open a conversation around the unbridled concretisation we see around us today and the things that drive it.    

Bhooñyar – The Tale of Subterranean Springs

This film is based on Karez and underground water structure that has been revived recently as community commons that serves as a source of water for several communities along its path. The film is a story told from the point of view of the Bhooñyar (Karez itself) since its inception and talks about the feeling and experiences throughout its journey.

In-(wasting) Space & Time

This film is about the discoveries of the various facets of ‘Manek Chowk’ in Ahmedabad and how the dynamics of space reclaim the urban commons. It will investigate the informal, unwritten waste management and disposal processes and explain how this one-of-a-kind system can exist, fulfil the needs and be self-sustaining.

Place of Offerings

The Begur Temple’s  reclamation and preservation is a testament to a preserved past, and the Begur lake is a promise for a future to be built. The Begur fort though, is waiting to be reclaimed. This film will be a documentation of these spaces and the people that inhabit them

Red Disposal

A short film featuring women of all ages and backgrounds sharing their stories on menstrual waste in India. Discover their struggles with waste generation, disposal, hygiene, and potential solutions. An eye-opening exploration of a critical issue calling for attention and action.

Jajmau Ka Tila

Forgotten by their own city in its blind race for urbanisation, the people of Manohar Nagar and Makhdoom Nagar live atop a mound at Jajmau which claims a history of 3400 years.Surrounded by garbage dump yards and tannery water dumped in Ganga, the people of Manohar Nagar guard a picturesque landscape while themselves living in destitute conditions.

Brahmapuram – Inferno of Legacy Waste

Film wades through Cochin with contrasting narratives as toxic air stroked the city for days arising from the fire at Brahmapuram waste management plant. One, that of planners and implementers of the waste management plant and other that of the victims. Victims of health hazards, displacements and failed urban design.

अवनति – Avnati

In the heart of Goa’s capital city, Panaji, the once vibrant St. Inez Creek has transformed from a vital freshwater source to a neglected drain. Through the personal narratives of diverse individuals, this documentary explores the creek’s decline, its impact, and the resilient efforts to restore it, inspiring a call to action for our shared environment.

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