The 2021 Architectural Research position is closed.

Apply by 16 August 2021, for a permanent position opening September 2021, with the following qualifications:

Professional degree in Architecture. 2 or 3 years work experience in a similar role.

Proficiency in using the following software – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad + SketchUp. Familiarity with use of WordPress and social media platforms.

Writing sample, from an earlier academic paper/ journal publication.

Essay – 1000 words (max) prompt is as follows,
Research, analyse and draw parallels between the three built projects by Charles Correa, namely,
a. Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad (1959-66)
b. Kanchanjunga Apartments, Mumbai (1970-83)
c. Visvesvaraya Centre, Bangalore (1974-80)

As an Architectural Researcher, you will have the opportunity to:

Co-ordinate with relevant partners to publish on Charles Correa’s philosophy and work.
Lead the documentation of drawings and photographs of Charles Correa’s built and unbuilt projects, sketches and essays.

Co-ordinate with corresponding parties for setting up national and international exhibitions displaying Charles Correa’s projects.

Writing about concerns and issues related to architecture, and representing them through our CCF blog, newsletter, etc.

Present Charles Correa’s archives, his philosophy, and work, to keen visitors coming to the Foundation- to student groups, and professionals.