You and Your Neighbourhood: the film

‘You & Your Neighbourhood’ is the title of Charles Correa’s Masters Thesis at MIT, 1955, for which he made an animated film. He was the scriptwriter, animator, photographer and director.


Why do neighbourhoods get bad?

Here’s one possible explanation, from Charles Correa’s master’s thesis:


How does a city grow?

If the city keeps growing outward — how do we keep the original neighbourhoods pleasant? How do we stop them going bad? Can we reverse urban sprawl?


Can we reverse the cycle? Can we make our cities better?

‘You and Your Neighborhood’  puts forward many simple ideas on how to stop our neighbourhoods from going bad.


Joe, the protagonist of the ‘You and Your Neighborhood’ film, had a proposal —a method to reverse the cycle — public participation.


An idea — to transform our Neighborhoods.

The 2020 edition of the Z-axis conference, seeks to take these ideas further, into improving our own neighbourhoods.

Stay tuned and sign up for the Z-axis online conference, registration will open soon.