21 Days of Solitude

A list of recommended readings from the CCF library to help you get through the lockdown.

’21 DAYS OF SOLITUDE’ is a project focusing on our present sequestration, and reflecting on our dependence on public space in urban areas. Undertaken by the Charles Correa Foundation Fellows to engage interests in the writings of urbanists, we are focusing on writings that we are familiar with — writings that cover a broad spectrum of topics like public space in cities, building urban communities and urban planning, spatial narratives, memoirs, architecture and visual theory, to whet your interest and concern, and to stimulate discussion.

On 24th March 2020, the Prime Minister of India initiated a 21-day lockdown across the country to combat the propagation of the novel coronavirus (COVID – 19). People are banned from leaving their homes for three weeks under the “total lockdown” measures, all non-essential businesses have been closed and almost all public gatherings are banned. In such a situation, when we are by ourselves our choices become independent of the old routine. In many ways, the proliferation of quarantine measures is indirectly generating fertile grounds for individuals to experience solitude. 

Our recommendations aim to nudge inquisitive readers, first-time enthusiasts, quarantined artists and the general public towards readings from our selection. Texts that we think are thoughtful and pertinent, to keep us occupied during this lockdown, and hopefully instilling a playful sense of solitude.

In these times, our collective inquisitiveness can be channelled into developing our interests, amusing our curiosity, crafting our character, understanding practices and interacting with the works and publications of great architects, planners, artists and activists in the comforts of our own homes. ’21 DAYS OF SOLITUDE’ hopefully will improve the psychological well-being of our readership in times of social distancing and self-quarantine by virtue of establishing a daily reading ritual!