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‘DWELL’ is a workshop for architects, designers, and students to instigate thought on issues around urban densities, especially in the context of housing. The workshop intends to introduce the many perspectives that influence life in a city.

The dialogue at DWELL 2020 is intended to revolve around the design of a seminal dwelling by Charles Correa —  the Tube House — which was built in Ahmedabad and subsequently demolished. However, the core concept and the fundamental principles of the design have formed the framework for ideating low-rise housing in a tropical climate to date.

There is a possibility of one unit of the Tube House being constructed in the near future.

Teams of students and young professionals will work with archival drawings of Tube House and other Correa projects and try to re-create the construction drawings, structure, details, and interior finishes with a modern sensibility.


dwell website.jpg

For more details, click on the above picture to visit the DWELL2020 FAQ page or write to us at connect@charlescorreafoundation.org

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