Commercial signage - Panaji bento
Well ordered commercial signage placement, Panaji

Location: Goa
Status: Project Proposal Report Submitted to CCP
Year of Completion: 2017

Urban commercial signage plays a vital role in the image making of a city. Along with the primary purpose of promoting the business of the advertiser and communicating with the consumer, it also provides continuity and uniformity throughout the city. It is essential to define an effective balance between the uniformity (serving the city identity) and variety (serving the uniqueness of individual businesses) of signage in a city.

The intent of this project has been to document, analyze and propose policy and design recommendations for all private and commercial signage in Panaji. A well-implemented and thoughtful urban commercial signage policy ensures control, responsibility, and clarity.

In order to test the viability of our proposed regulations, CCF has launched an invited competition of 8 prominent Panaji graphic designers to design signage templates for the city. The competition will be judged by a nationally recognized panel of graphic designers as well as a People’s Choice Award. Our proposal has also been submitted to the City Corporation. We hope that the enthusiasm generated amongst the public through the competition will encourage Government to implement these regulations.