Proposed Strategy for the Design of Incremental Health Centres in Goa

Location: Goa
Status: Preliminary Report
Year of Completion: 2016

CCF’s proposal for the design of incremental health centres in Goa follows an 8-step system to create decentralized treatment centres throughout the state. The proposed strategy aims to enhance the efficiency and reach of the public health system in the heartlands of Goa.

The project timeline was laid out as follows;

  1. Analyse the current distribution of health centres across the state of Goa.
  2. Identify study sites based on access to healthcare centres.
  3. Analyse existing case studies from around the world to understand the expanse of the problem and its associated repercussions.
  4. Conduct surveys and field visits in selected study sites.
  5. Identify where health centres must be upgraded and where new centres must be built based on facilities already available at nearby health centres (for resource sharing) and the size of the population served at each location.
  6. Recommend a priority list for upgradation of existing centres, and development of new health centres.
  7. Develop incremental design models for the various tiers of health centres that exist within the wide plethora of the state.
  8. Design the prototype health centre.

The project timeline has completed the analysis stage. The Foundation looks forward to beginning the implementation stage pending further funding.