Axonometric showing the proposed bus bay

Location: Panjim
Status: Project proposal Report
Year of Completion: 2013

Lack of an efficient network of public transportation in Goa has led to increasingly clogged roads with an alarming rise in the number of private vehicles – almost 650 motor vehicles per 1000 people! With the proposed re-alignment of highways, it is vital that we factor in additional infrastructure for alternative mobility systems within Goa.

This proposal detailed intra-city bus loops within the cities of Mapusa and Panaji, and an inter-city Bus Rapid Transit System between Goa’s urban centres that would integrate bus and ferry networks. In addition, roads would have separate lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and buses, with bus stations at regular intervals. This system would be integrated with the Panaji Traffic Management Project to de-clutter the Central Business District and market areas and pedestrianise the city centre. In developing this proposal, CCF hosted a workshop with Jaime Lerner, architect, urban planner, and mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, on whose BRT System this Mobility Project is based.

Since CCF proposed this system, the political parties for the City Corporation elections have included the provision of our bus loops in their manifestos. This proposal has yet to be actualized.