Makaan: Affordable Rentals for Migrant Naka Workers In Pune

Author: Ravi Varma
Site Location: Rahatani Naka, Pune
Institute: VIT’s PVP College of Architecture, Pune
Advisor: Ar. Shekhar Garud


This thesis looked at migrant workers who look for construction work through a Naka (an informal roadside labour market), their kin and other migration-source-area-based social networks crucially shaping their pathways, thus influencing the housing location and typologies by improving their living conditions and make them feel as a part of the city.

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Pre Fab City

Author: Danesh Patel
Site Location: Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT) Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Institute: SAL School of Architecture, Ahmedabad
Advisor: Zubin choksi


This project aims to prove that, for high-rise buildings, prefabricated modular systems can be used. This would allow for greater flexibility of design in a prefabricated modular framework and to construct a structural judgement process that can be used for the construction of a prefabricated high-rise reusable modular building with a personalized geometry.

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