Date: 12 – 23 June 2017
Venue: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, BK Expo, TU-Delft

Curatorial note:
The intention of the exhibition is primarily to pay tribute to Charles Correa’s legacy as one of the most prominent and inspiring authorities on housing design as well as highlight the main concerns and themes that guided his work.

Through drawings, photographs and sketches from the Correa Archives, as well as models produced here at the faculty, the exhibition charted the development of Correa’s ideas on housing, from his seminal Tube House linear model, based on the idea of a climate-responsive architecture, to the complex courtyard clusters of Belapur, focusing on the ideas of creating community and opportunities for growth and change in time.

Through the exhibition, we highlighted these important paradigms and their development over time through a number of projects that still remain key references for students and architects today.