Charles Correa Chair

The Charles Correa Chair, is a program established by the State Government of Goa, Department of Art and Culture, at the Goa College of Architecture to honour the memory of Charles Correa. The program consists of three appointments each year: the Charles Correa International Chair, the Visiting Chair Professor of Design, and the Visiting Chair Professor for Research and Scholarship.

CCF recommends names of notable academics to the Government, and then once the government has made a decision, helps the Goa College of Architecture invite the professor. There have been 10 Chair Professors till date. 2017-18: Heinrich Wolff (Cape Town), Chitra Vishwanath (Bangalore) & Kaiwan Mehta (Mumbai). 2018-19 Edoardo Narne (Padua), Sameep Padora (Mumbai) & Soumitro Ghosh (Bangalore). 2019-20 Juan Roldan (Sharjah), Kapil Gupta (Mumbai) & Quaid Doongerwala (Mumbai). 2020-21 Meghal Arya (Ahmedabad).

The Visiting Professor for Research and Scholarship lays down a pedagogic framework for the dissertation, and the Visiting Professor of Design guides students in their final-year thesis.The International Chair is a globally recognized architect, who conducts a 3-week intensive design workshop with the entire graduating class.

Heinrich Wolff
Principal Architect, Wolff Architects, Capetown, South Africa
Edoardo Narne
Architect & Professor, Universita di Padova, Itlay
Soumitro Ghosh
Architect & Cofounder,
Matthew & Ghosh Architects, Bengaluru
Meghal Arya
Principal Architect, Arya Architects, Ahmedabad
Chitra Vishwanath
Principal architect, Chitra Vishwanath Architects, Bengaluru
Sameep Padora
Principal Architect
SP+a Architects, Mumbai
Kapil Gupta
Architect & Cofounder,
Serie Architects,
Romi Khosla
Principal Architect, Romi Khosla Design studios, New Delhi
Kaiwan Mehta
Architect & Researcher,
Managing director, DOMUS India, Mumbai
Juan Roldan
Architect & Product Designer, Sharjah, UAE
Quaid Doongerwala
Architect & Cofounder, DCOOP Architects, Mumbai

Better Betim – Urban Externalities

Led by Heinrich Wolff, the workshop discussed how contemporary economics shapes our cities and lives. Students analysed the settlement of Betim and the Malim Jetty and drawings were prepared to help understand various parameters. Pedestrian and vehicular movement, economic and social transactions, and spatial transitions during different times of the day at different scales and significance were mapped out.

Students proposed an urban design solution which aimed at stimulating investment and small enterprises in the area while sorting out many of the issues observed in the analysis stage. An exhibition of the work was held at Kala Academy on 20 and 21 September 2017.

A Place in the Shade – Learning from Charles Correa

Led by Edoardo Narne, this workshop revisited the two main themes Correa taught students in the University of Padua, updating them for the Goan climate and environment.

The first part of the workshop was a study of Correa’s essay “the private, the public and the sacred” which informed a reformulation of the urban and social fabric of Panjim’s Fontainhas district. The second was a verification of the underlying principles in the “Form follows climate” philosophy by reconstructing, on an actual 1:1 scale, Correa’s unrealized Cablenagar housing project. This was done within the courtyard of Goa College of Architecture.