Thoughts in Support

“The objectives that are being given to demolish this architecturally important building can be met without demolishing it. By preserving it the profession and society can demonstrate the strength and depth of their creative and historic imagination for posterity.” – A G Krishna Menon

“It is a very iconic monument.” – Mallika Sarabhai

“The design embodies a clear demonstration of structural efficiency, making it inherently suitable for expansion and adaptive repurposing. Any architect who hastily opts for demolition on grounds of capacity or structural longevity either lacks thoroughness in their approach or fails to embrace a creative opportunity.” – Sudipto Ghosh

“For all the reasons that Nondita Correa Mehrotra expressed so well, I support saving the Patel Stadium. India cannot lose any more of its iconic modern buildings. For environmental reasons alone, we need to restore, upgrade, and give news lives to such buildings as was clearly underway with the WMF and Getty plans. Correa and Raj’s Patel Stadium could be a shining example of how to stage such events as the Olympics so they are affordable, sustainable, and sensitive to communities, their cultures, and extant built environments.” – Mary Woods

“Se debe de preservar el patrimonio arquitectónico de una nación, entender el momento y trascendencia de esa estructura y el valor arquitectónico.” – Jorge Javier

“Is this Modernization, vandalizing historic properties in the name of development , I’m signing this petition for the betterment of our heritage.” – Anmol Arora

“It is time for India, as one of the rising superpowers, to preserve the rich architectural heritage that was crucial to its contemporary transformation. This stadium is important both from an architectural and engineering standpoint. It should be absolutely preserved.” – Antoine Picon

“This is a Landmark of Gujarat Sport’s. Ahmedabad is known for this Stadium ‘s design which does not have any Pillers coming in between the spectators and the game going in the ground. This stadium should be preserved as a Monument of the Ahmedabad development landmark.” – Rajesh V. Jadeja

“Being architect and living just besides the stadium I’ve grown up looking at each details that served as constant inspiration.
Apart from that the proposed project of Olympic grade stadium is next to impossible looking at the size of the site.
and last but the least that stadium is used for many activities why can’t we enhance that aspect by adaptively re-use that structure…” – Bhargav Shukla

“An engineering marvel that can be restored and enhanced as has been proven by a conglomeration of agencies like The Getty, WMF and ICOMOS should be made good and save the country of unnecessary waste of embodied Carbon in the ensues Climate emergency era. This is not the time for egotistical decisions.” – Poonam Verma Mascarenhas

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