Reinterpreting Communal Spaces In Neighbourhood Development for Community Living

Author: Shreya Manoj Sulgekar
Site Location: Venketeshwar Nagar, Hubli, Karnataka
Institute: KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi
Advisor: Ar. Amit V Prasadi


The project looks at how we could reinterpret the spaces in built and unbuilt forms with new ideas and characteristics that enhance communal living.

In the context of India’s rapidly urbanisation, there has been a wide negligence on communal spaces in contemporary housing neighbourhoods. ‘Communitiy’ came from familiarity around families and neighbours, familiar places, a daily rhythm, social systems and customs that people understood. Now with emigration and greater physical and social mobility, many of the people find themselves in places far from home, living in communities defined not by common acquaintance, knowledge and culture, but by geography or economics. This loss of defined communal spaces has also diminished the feeling of belonging and privacy.  

By creating spaces where all members of the community can engage naturally and get to know one another, communities can become places where people live together, care about one another and share hope. The project looks at how the development of communal spaces in residential complexes creates social stability and a sustainable way of life in a community.


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