130626_Divar Programmatic Plan Final
Proposed Waste Management Shelter Plan for Divar Island

Location: Divar Island
Status: Project Proposal Report
Year of Completion: 2013

Divar, an island in the Mandovi River, had no proper system in place for collection, segregation, and disposal of waste. Waste was dumped and burned in open areas affecting the environment, cattle, and people around. In 2011, the Foundation initiated a survey to gauge the waste that was being generated by the different village wards on Divar Island.

Based on the data gathered and processed, a Recycling Station for dry waste was designed for Divar Island to enable easy segregation of dry waste into plastic, glass & metal, and miscellaneous waste including footwear, clothes and e-waste. Further measures were proposed for safe and healthy disposal of dry waste to ensure complete self-sustenance of the village in the area of waste and preserving its environmental character.