The Foundation

Charles Correa Foundation is a registered not-for-profit public charitable trust established to initiate and encourage architecture, urban design and community projects and to support ‘education and research in human settlements’ having its office at 169, San Sebastian Chapel Street, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa. 403 001.

The motivation of starting the Foundation centered on architecture and planning came with the realization that in our society a number of ideas that originate with citizens do not see the light of day. This is because there exists no support system that provides the incubation period the ideas need to be developed, and no clear path for the attention of the governmental or private agency that is expected to participate in the implementation. All the work undertaken by the Foundation is on a ‘‘not-for-profit’’ basis.


(i) To initiate and encourage architecture, urban design and community projects that work for the betterment of our natural and built habitat, through instituting Fellowships that support, coordinate and direct such projects.

(ii) To organise field studies, seminars, lectures, conferences, symposia, etc. needed for objective (i).

(iii) To establish and maintain archives of drawings, designs, maps and literature in the field of architecture and to document, research, record, make films and documentaries etc. of the architectural heritage of India, and to promote such activities for the benefit of the public in general.

(iv) To publish journals, reports and other research papers and books with a view to disseminating information on architecture, urban and rural planning, low cost shelters, habitats and other environmental and ecological issues.

(v) To provide Scholarships, prizes and other awards as support to students of architecture including Exchange Programmes and Academic Chairs for architecture and planning.

(vi) To carry on any activity to fulfil the objectives of this Foundation if, and only if, it can be termed as charitable as defined under Income Tax Act 1961 or any statutory modifications thereof and to use the income and the funds of the foundation for fulfilment of its objectives.



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