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The majority of metropolii today exist is rich and industrialized nations. Within the next two decades, this picture will change drastically. For by the year 2000, there will be about fifty cities of fifteen million each around the globe – of which more than forty will be in the Third Word. Thus the urban images we carry in our minds are going to change fundamentally.

Already some of these changes – like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – have begun to surface. The New Landscape is about these pieces and the kind of urban environment they indicate. It discusses a range of issues, from the macro level of demographic patterns and national policies, through public transport and city structures, down to the human scale of squatter settlements. Correa makes in incisive analysis of the role of open-to-sky space in a warm climate, as well as the need – both political as well as moral – for equity in the urban context.

Other topics include the mythic values which underlie urban centres, the necessity to disaggregate the colossal numbers involved (as a crucial design/management technique in dealing with public housing), and the decisive importance of political will.

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Charles Correa




The Book Society of India




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