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What makes a building “heritage”

A few presentations and an open discussion between :

The CCF team

Noah Fernandes
Conservation Architect

Hrushita Davey

About the discussion:

This public forum on modern heritage addresses a grey area in conservation. What happens to buildings that aren’t ‘old enough’ to be considered heritage in the legal purview, yet reflect aspirations of a previous time, however they don’t fit into the vision or development agenda of the present day.

How does one decide what is important when examining, listing and grading buildings? Where do we find a balance between history, design and memory?


This public forum will follow a panel discussion format. There will be three quick 15 minute presentations followed by a discussion with the audience.

1) Heritage – legally speaking:  by the CCF team

The systems, processes and agencies that are involved with categorizing something as heritage.

2) Challenges faced by conservation architects: by Noah Fernandes

The process of protecting and conserving built heritage is not limited to just restoring the building but also contributes to the surrounding environment and the local community. To overcome these challenges, a profound understanding of conservation as a social process is required.

3) Our modern heritage – identification and discourse: by Hrushita Davey

The contribution of modern architecture in the country is unparalleled in terms of it’s response to the cultural, social, political and economic landscape of a new India.

4) Open discussion on how to identify and work with modern heritage

About the presenters:

Noah Anand Fernandes is a conservation architect, graduated from the Goa College of Architecture and completed post graduation studies at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Noah has worked with some renowned conservation architects in Goa, Mumbai and Hyderabad. He now works as Assistant Professor at the Goa College of Architecture since 2018.

Hrushita Davey is a graduate from the University School of Design, Mysore, she was selected to be a part of the DAAD Programme- ‘New Passage to India’ at the Technical University of Berlin in 2010-11. She went on to complete her post-graduation at CEPT University in Ahmedabad. With a keen interest in design, research and publishing, she has been an Associate Architect at Matter since 2016.