RERUN 09 | Beyond Four Walls

By Ritika Banerjee, Aila Bandagi and Bimal Thankachan | Mentor: Bina Paul The ninth screening, ‘Beyond Four Walls’, will take place on Friday, 8 October, 2021. A film that explores the relationship between access to livelihood and housing, through a comparison between Parry's Corner and Kannagi Nagar, two neighbourhoods in Chennai. Language: Tamil with English […]


By Mukul Haloi and Pooja Kalita | Mentor: Tarun Bhartiya The tenth screening, ‘Day One’, will take place on Friday, 29 October, 2021. Debajit, a young man from a village in Lower Assam arrives in Guwahati with the hope of a better livelihood. The city unfolds to him as a space etched on a discursive […]

Award Ceremony | Nagari Short Film Competition 2021

  INVITATION Nagari 2021 Award Ceremony 6:30 PM IST | 20.12.2021 We would be delighted to have you join us online for the Award Ceremony for The Nagari Short Film Competition. The event is scheduled at 6:30 PM IST on Monday, December 20. Register now! 'People and Livelihoods in Urban India' This year, Nagari addresses […]