General Registration

Registration Open.

The registration fee is ₹900 /- per individual.

All amounts inclusive of tax.

The registration fee for the event will cover both the Virtual Conference as well as the Design Competition.

Participation in the competition is not mandatory but will be an interesting conduit to engage deeper with the ideas discussed during the virtual competition.

We are extending our registration deadline!

The registrations will close at 11:30 noon IST on 25th September 2020.

For foreign credit card payments kindly write to zaxis@charlescorreafoundation.org



The registration form can be downloaded here

You and Your Neighbourhood: the film

‘You & Your Neighbourhood’ is the title of Charles Correa’s Masters Thesis at MIT, 1955, for which he made an animated film. He was the scriptwriter, animator, photographer and director.


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Z-axis 2020

Save the Date:

SAVE DATE 03 fnal

The current COVID-19 pandemic and its response have raised critical questions about how we live and work. It has also led to a lot of us asking, ‘How can we improve our own neighbourhood?’

At the fourth edition of Z-axis — the Charles Correa Foundation’s biennial conference — participants will draw their attention back to their own neighbourhoods to generate creative visions that uplift the public realm.

With a series of lectures in September, followed by a unique design challenge in October-November, Z-axis 2020 will host a number of international speakers focusing on these issues. A Jury will critique and recognise projects by participants — creative individuals who improve everyday life for their neighbours by making changes at four distinct levels — the neighbourhood, the commons, the street, and the doorstep.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Z-axis 2020 — You and Your Neighborhood, and in the meantime, save these dates!

CCF Newsletter

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21 Days of Solitude

A list of recommended readings from the CCF library to help you get through the lockdown.

’21 DAYS OF SOLITUDE’ is a project focusing on our present sequestration, and reflecting on our dependence on public space in urban areas. Undertaken by the Charles Correa Foundation Fellows to engage interests in the writings of urbanists, we are focusing on writings that we are familiar with — writings that cover a broad spectrum of topics like public space in cities, building urban communities and urban planning, spatial narratives, memoirs, architecture and visual theory, to whet your interest and concern, and to stimulate discussion.

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DWELL 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee to register for this workshop?

Registration cost is INR 9,500 + 18% GST.

Who can register?

Registration is open to students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Year, B. Arch and to young graduates and M.Arch students under the age of 28.

What does the fee include?

The fee includes a sketchbook, the book “Living Ideals” on Charles Correa’s housing projects, lunch and refreshments on all days, and one networking dinner on the last day.
Part of the embedded cost of the workshop is being borne by the Charles Correa Foundation.

What is provided? What should I bring?

The participants are required to bring their own laptop computers with drafting software installed.
CCF will provide workspace, mentorship, a ready reference to Charles Correa Associates’  vast archive of projects, WiFi internet access,  A4 printer, and scanner.

Will I get a certificate?

Registered participants will be given certificates from the Charles Correa Foundation additionally, participants will get credits and be able to take back and use the drawings they have made during the workshop.

How to apply?

Write an e-mail to connect@charlescorreafoundation.org with the subject: “Application for DWELL 2020
In that email please write a couple of paragraphs expressing your intent to sign up for DWELL2020 and attach your CV/ Resume. We will write back if you are selected.

When do Registrations open?

Registration opens Monday 06 January onwards.

How many slots are available?

There are only 20 slots available for DWELL2020. They are filling fast.

What about accommodation?

We have a list of affordable places to stay in the neighborhood around our studio which we can share with selected participants in order to help them plan their trip.

The Correa Map

The Charles Correa Foundation is proud to publish a map of his work. This map plots buildings designed by Correa in his six decades of practice; projects built worldwide, though many of them in India.

We believe that the theories discussed by Charles Correa in his many writings can be best understood through his built work. We hope that this map can help interested visitors locate these buildings, visit them, and understand them in their context.

In case the map or relevant cover images fail to load, you may have to clear your browser cache: First, ensure that the browser is open and selected, and press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac), then you may refresh the page and view at your convenience.

The list is arranged chronologically and buildings are tagged by typology.

Final Colour Swatch for Z-Axis 2018
Commercial            Leisure                   Housing                   Institutions           Urbanisation

There are yet a few projects by Correa that we know were built, but due to rapid urbanisation all around, we are now unable to locate. They are:

  • Plutonium Plant, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Humanities Department, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat
  • Suhrid Geigy – Laboratory and Processing Plant, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Palm Avenue House, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Sen-Raleigh Polytechnic, Asansol, West Bengal
  • Thakore House, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Carbide Battery Plant, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Dutta House, New Delhi
  • Ferreira House, Mumbai
  • Menezes House, Pune, Maharashtra, 
  • Gobhai House, Golvad, Dahanu, Maharashtra

If you could help us locate these buildings, please send us a recent image and a location pin to research@charlescorreafoundation.org with the subject “CCA Map: name of building 

Also, please let us know over email or in the comments below, if you think we have left out any of his built projects. We hope this map will grow to become an inventory of the many buildings that Charles Correa designed.