2021 Fellowship

Applications for research fellowships at the Charles Correa Foundation are now closed!

Send your application to apply@charlescorreafoundation.org by November 16, 2020 for year-long positions opening December 2020 with the following qualifications:

☐ Professional degree in Architecture.

☐ Top 10% of your graduating class, attested by your college.

☐ Proficiency in using the following software – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad + SketchUp.

☐ Academic Architectural Portfolio.

☐ Essay – 500 words (max). Prompt:Charles Correa was an early proponent of neighbourhood-centred urban interventions, what value would you like your neighbourhood to have? How can an architect help achieve this value?

☐ Writing sample – from an earlier academic paper.

During the Fellowship, you will be required to:

☐ Assist in preparation of project proposals, surveys and documentation, mapping and analysis, graphics, essays and presentations related to the research project, including coordinate with agencies (government or private) for permissions, status, fees, etc.

☐ Assist in work related to acquiring funding for projects or events related to the activities of the Foundation such as preparation of dockets, posters, invitations, etc.

☐ Organize and work on outreach programs of the Foundation through publications, conferences, exhibitions, citizen meeting and workshops.

☐ Work on writing up about concerns and issues related to architecture and representing them through CCF blogs, etc.

☐ Assist in creatively designing and scheduling of the events related to the activities and goals of the Foundation.

☐ Making presentations on the Charles Correa Archives, on his philosophy and works, to keen visitors coming to the Foundation, ranging from travelers, student groups and professionals.


Fellows will recieve a monthly stipend of ₹ 20,000/- as well as accomodation in an apartment leased by the Foundation.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic, applicants who are prepared to start work in Goa by early December will be preferred.

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  1. what does the second point mean “☐ Top 10% of your graduating class, attested by your college.”?

  2. Is the selection process complete? How and when will we know about the selected participant?

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