Kaavi- Goa’s Sacred Art

A lecture by Ms. Heta Pandit on “Kaavi”- Goa’s Sacred Art was held on the Saturday 16th April 2016 at the Charles Correa Foundation Studio at 5:30 p.m.

About the Session:

KAAVI- GOA’S SACRED ART is a talk on the diminished and marginalized sacred art by that name. Found in both temples and private Hindu homes, the art defines and demarcates sacred spaces and is rendered on walls. Ms. Pandit has therefore defined it as an architectural art form as it is not exclusive from its architectural backdrop. In this lecture, Ms. Pandit illustrates Goa’s various existing art forms and gives more information on the material used, the graphic forms, the techniques used and the social location of Kaavi in Goa. She also shows us how the art has traveled from out of Goa to neighbouring Maharashtra and Karnataka. Ms. Pandit also tells us that a mirror image of kaavi is rendered in Goa’s Catholic homes and churches and chapels where it is called by the name sgraffito. At the end of the talk Ms. Pandit makes an appeal for the preservation and deeper and more extensive study of kaavi.

About the Lecturer:

Ms. Heta Pandit has been an advocate for the preservation of Goa’s heritage since she first came to Goa to stay in 1995. She founded the Goa Heritage Action Group in the year 2000 and has authored seven books on Goan architecture since then. Some of the titles include Houses of Goa (with Annabel Mascarenhas) Hidden hands-Master builders of Goa, Dust & other short stories from Goa and Walking with Angels, a coffee table book on the churches of Goa. Ms. Pandit is deeply concerned about the neglected status of Goa’s unique sacred art called kaavi and is making an attempt to draw public attention to this dying art through illustrated talks, lectures and articles on the subject. Ms. Pandit owns a home in Saligao village, North Goa and has recently published her own life’s story in a book. The book is titled THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN A HOUSE IN GOA.



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